“Tammy Weis is a true Singer-Songwriter. Technically brilliant vocals delivering her poignant lyrics straight to my soul. Her live performance of “Found Your Way to Me” at Jazz FM actually moved me to tears. Remember her name!” Nigel Williams, Jazz FM

“With a grand slam triple threat of sexy smooth vocals, great songwriting and a knockout band with stellar musicianship, a performance with Tammy Weis is unforgettable.” Randy Bachman

“Not many people reduce me to tears, but Tammy’s song about her mother was the most touching I’ve ever heard, and her voice is beautiful.”
Jenni Murray, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

“Gives me the shivers…” Paul Grant, CBC Radio One

“Isn’t she great! Now there’s a vocalist!” Michael Buble

“Weis is an assured performer with an intimate delivery” Charles Waring, Record Collector

“She’s the real deal…” Time Out, London

“Tammy Weis has the ability to transport you to those great places of emotion. She is a star with true Jazz integrity reminding us of a time of high standards and individuality. With a luscious sound full of feeling she brings a personal identity to a song and is a master of the ballad. Beautiful and sensual it’s a voice you could just bathe in. Tammy Weis has the magic of a great and great is what she is.” Julian Joseph, BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line Up

"Weis has a fine approach to singing, placing the stress on being natural and relaxed. It’s really the only way to go… The result is conversational, unstrained, very easy to live with." Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast - click here to read more

"Weis’ style is delicate and intimate yet self-assured and sultry — a beautiful mix for a Sunday afternoon of smooth jazz." The Kenton Theatre, Henley-On-Thames - click here to read the full article

Click here to read a 4 star review of Tammy's album Where I Need To Be in Jazzwise Magazine

“A delicate patchwork of self-penned songs” The Art of the Torch Singer - read the full article here